X-BAND Communication


When only the very best will do. KNS is proud to be a reliable supplier to the military.
The SuperTrack X-Series antenna, currently available in 0.7m & 1m for KA and X-Band, has been engineered to provide
the highest standards of sturdiness and functionality.
The X-Series excels in flexibility during rough seas and durability to provide the military with first class performance 24/7.
No other antenna can provide this level of broadband satellite communications at sea.

Standard Features

  • · Built in Wire rope Isolator and Shock Absorber

  • · Automatic Satellite Search & Skew Control

  • · Web interface & Remote software Upgrade available

  • · Simplicity

    Integrated into one module from Motor Driver, RF control module, PCU

  • · Unlimited Azimuth & Brake System

  • · Accurate Signal Acquisition by KNS’s Distinctive Algorithm

  • · Pre-programmed Satellite Database

    Editable 80 satellite data

  • · Antenna Control Unit

    3 Types of Gyro Input (NMEA, Synchro, Step by Step)


    Dish Diameter 100cm(39”)
    Antenna Dimension 144cm(D) x 152cm(H)
    Antenna Weight 119.5 Kg
    Radome Material Honeycomb FRP
    Frequency TX : 7.9 ~ 8.4 GHz
    RX : 7.25 ~ 7.75 GHz
    Antenna Gain TX : 36.87 dBi @ 8.15GHz
    RX : 36.3 dBi @ 7.5GHz
    G / T 15.62 dB/K @ 7.5GHz
    @30deg. Elevation, included Radome loss
    Operating Platform 3 - Axis
    LNB Single PLL LNB / Universal LNB(optional)
    BUC 4W / 6W / 8W / 16W (optional)
    Skew Control Automatic
    Elevation Angle -15˚ to +110˚
    Azimuth Range Unlimited
    Cross Angle ± 35˚
    Ship Motion Roll : ±24˚ at 8-12 sec periods
    Pitch : ±14˚ at 6-12 sec periods
    Yaw : ±8˚ at 15-20 sec periods
    Tracking Speed More than 90˚/sec
    Vibration Damper Shock Absorber, Rubber Damper and Wire Rope Isolator
    Temperature -20˚C to +55˚C
    Humidity Up to 100% @ 40˚C
    Antenna Input Power 48V DC, 4.18A

    ACU Size 19” Rack 1U size
    Gyro Interface NMEA 0183, Synchro, Step by Step
    Input Power 100~120V AC / 200~240V AC, 50/60Hz, 8A/4A
    Output Power 48V DC, 4.18A
    External I/O RS-232C, Mini-USB, Ethernet, Console

    Size 158 x 158 x 177 cm
    Gross Weight 262Kg
    Packed by Wooden Crate

    KNS offers 2-year parts, 1-year onboard labour warranty for the SuperTrack series


We are serious about our professional services and business. We strive to provide the highest level of support and products. KNS Inc will support its Super Track S-Series products with an exclusive TWO (2) YEAR, 100% Warranty on PARTS from KNS, and a ONE (1) YEAR Warranty on LABOR from Authorized Dealer (Seller). Learn More >

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