Intelsat Announces compact FlexMaritime with KNS SuperTrack C4 antenna

Admin │ 2021-04-08



Intelsat Announces compact FlexMaritime 

with KNS SuperTrack C4 antenna

KNS is proud to announce C4 is chosen as a 45cm maritime terminal by the Intelsat 

FlexMaritime, Intelsat released a smaller antenna class for its FlexMaritime service 

on 7 th April, 2021 that will bring a new level of broadband connectivity performance 

and affordability to leisure, fishing and light-commercial maritime vessels around 

the world.

The KNS SuperTrack C4(45cm diameter) is small to enough to hand carry aboard
vessel and easy to install and it is easy to connect to Intelsat FlexMaritim network
can reach up to 6Mbps data speeds.

C4 has been qualified by Intelsat in January 2020 and has been conducted sea trial
with Seasat A/S and the performance has been proved at the harsh sea conditions.

“We conducted extensive testing and sea trials of FlexMaritime’s 45cm service using
the KNS C4 antenna, with the service consistently meeting or exceeding our
performance expectations; in fact, during testing, our crew stayed connected during
some very harsh sea conditions,” said Kim Martinsen, CEO and Co-Founder of
Seasat A/S , a Flex45 beta launch solution partner.

Intelsat FlexMaritime services are offered exclusively through Intelsat’s network of
FlexMaritime solutions partners, including Flex45 beta launch partners Seasat A/S
and World-Link Communications.

이전글 The first submarine VSAT antenna with 40cm diameter.
다음글 Best partner award in 2022.