Old K Series is Discontinued / New K Series

관리자 │ 2019-10-02



Dear All Most Valued Customer and Our Partners,


I hope you all are doing well. This is International Sales Team from KNS HQ in South Korea.


We are terribly sorry to say that but, the all old K Series are not available. We have reviewed very seriously to decide whether we need to sustain K Series for conventional product quality or not within such costs. As the biggest virtue to pursue is quality and customer satisfaction and the conventional K Series may not fulfill such quality and stability requirements to our most valued customers.


We also acknowledged that there are many issues for K Series and we cannot obligate to our customer fall into the difficulties in both business and real usage. Also, as this is related our trustworthy business relationship with our partners like you. That is why we made a decision which was very hard.


However, with this measure, we are very sure that you and we can re-build up more trustworthy business relationship not only for just cost leading but also quality pioneer. Ultimately, in addition, customer satisfaction will be increased again.

If you have ordered old type K Series,  please consult with KNS International Sales Team for any conversion of K Series to new type of K Series.

Please be acknowledged that we will not precede any conventional K Series production.

Please contact International Sales Team when you have any question regarding to this.


Thank you very much.

With Faithful,

KNS International Sales Team.


With Faithful,


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