Performance Test Update) Telenor Test_Z10MK4-Ka (1.0m size => 1.2m performance)

관리자 │ 2019-01-30



On 29 January 2019, Norwegian multinational Telecommunication Company, Telenor preceded the performance test of our Newest Ka-Band VSAT Antenna System, Z10MK4 - Ka.

They noted that we have the 4-5dB observed improvement on Tx headroom between the Mk3 and Mk4. It is also good to see that it has ~1dB better Rx levels than a competing 1m antenna, and is performing on par with a 1.2m fixed antenna.

We are very pleased and confident to convince that the Z10MK4 - Ka to the market and our good partners. With such reliable Ka-Band Maritime VSAT Antenna System, we sure that our customers may satisfy.

Stay Tuned for Next Updates!!


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