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KNS(Inc.) has been manufacturing and supplying marine stabilized antenna systems for satellite communications and satellite television to approximately 30
countries worldwide, Its design is based upon the most advanced technology for signal searching algorithm and dynamic positioning developed exclusively by

Set up in 2001 as an internal business venture in KT(Korean Telecom), we have contributed to marine industry through the development of antennas with more
than 14 years of continuous investment into R&D for more stable communications and television systems. Through our worldwide network of distributors we try to
maximize our customers' satisfaction with excellent quality and service.

Our goal is to have continuous technical superiority over our competitors in the maritime satellite communication market with unlimited potential as well as pur
suing customers' satisfaction in our technical expertise. We will also expand the applicable range into the core technology of ubiquitous systems by evolving into
converged systems with other various technologies.


Job Description

Common Requirements

  • Excellent English Communication
    Native speakers or graduates in English
    speaking countries are highly regarded
  • Applicants should be able to make
    overseas travel
  • Experience in a marine electronics
    industry is highly regarded

Experience in this sector is high regarded but not essential. All successful applicants will undergo intensive training and receive ongoing support., to be successful
you must have: A very strong work ethic with a “can do” attitude. EXCELLENT telephone/interpersonal communication skills. Self motivation and persistence. The
ability to not only speak clearly but to also LISTEN.

01. Manufacturing Technology

  • Persons
    New Recruit / Experience
  • Key Responsibilities
    Mold Technology /
    Manufacturing Development
  • Requirements
    - Supply Chain Management
    - Standardization of Products

02. Overseas Marketing

  • Persons
    New Recruit / Experience
  • Key Responsibilities
    Discover New Dealers Channel Sales
  • Requirements
    - Excellent English Communication Skills
    (Native speakers or graduates in English
    speaking countries are highly regarded)

03. Quality Assurance

  • Persons
    New Recruit / Experience
  • Key Responsibilities
    RF System Design & Performance
  • Requirements
    - Understanding of RF Circuit Competency
    in Measuring Instruments

How To Apply

Just simply send your CV to info@kns-kr.com. After selection by examining
their personal histories, applicants will personally be informed of
their interview schedules.


Additional Information

  • 01. Interviewees can be asked to submit additional documents if necessary.
  • 02. Applicants providing false information in the documents, will be subject to cancellation of the job.
  • 03. Since the results of interview will be notified by E-mail and SMS, please make sure to give us your exact E-mail address and mobile phone number.
  • 04. Inquiries : KNS Inc. +82-42-932-0351~2  info@kns-kr.com