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Dealer Support

Our goal, along with telephone support, is to provide up to date information to aid our dealers in troubleshooting. On this site you will find the latest manuals, service bulletins, software releases, block diagrams and diagnostic tools to aid you in troubleshooting.

Dealer feedback is always welcome on ways to improve our service efforts. Please notify the Service Department of any additional information you would like to see published on this site. This is a work in progress any feedback would be appreciated.
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If you are an authorized dealer of KNS Inc. and have not received any log-in details, please send an email to sales@kns-kr.com
If you have forgotten your password, please send an email to sales@kns-kr.com to re-request your password.

New Dealers
Please inquire KNS Inc. for ID/Password. It will take up to 3days for an approval.